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OECD TG 202: Daphnia sp., Acute Immobilization test
OECD TG 211: Daphnia magna Reproduction test
OECD TG 201: Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria
OECD TG 221: Lemna sp. Growth Inhibition test
OECD TG 203: Fish, Acute Toxicity test
OECD TG 238: Sediment-free Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity test
OECD TG 239: Water-sediment Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity test
IOBC/WPRS Guideline (2000): Predatory mite - Thyphlodromus piry Scheuten
IOBC/WPRS Guideline (2000): Parasitic wasp - Aphidius rhopalosiphi
IOBC/WPRS Guideline (2000): Ladybird beetle - Coccinella septempunctata
IOBC/WPRS Guideline (2000): Green lacewing - Chrysoperla carnea
IOBC/WPRS Guideline (2000): Rove beetle - Aleochara bilineata
IOBC/WPRS Guideline (2000): Carabid beetle - Poecilus cupreus
OECD TG 207: Earthworm, Acute Toxicity test
OECD TG 222: Earthworm Reproduction test (Eisenia fetida/Eisenia andrei)
OECD TG 232: Collembolan Reproduction test in soil
OECD TG 226: Predatory mite (Hypoaspis (Geolaelaps) aculeifer) Reproduction test in soil
OECD TG 208: Terrestrial Plant Test: Seedling Emergence-Seedling Growth test
OECD TG 227: Terrestrial Plant Test: Vegetative Vigour test
OECD TG 216: Soil Microorganisms: Nitrogen Transformation test
OECD TG 217: Soil microorganisms: Carbon Transformation test
OECD TG 213: Honeybees, Acute Oral Toxicity test
OECD TG 214: Honeybees, Acute Contact Toxicity test
OECD Guidance Document No 239 on Honey bee Larval Toxicity Test following Repeated Exposure
OECD TG 245: Honey bee (Apis mellifera L.), Chronic Oral Toxicity test (10-day feeding)
OECD TG 246: Bumblebee, Acute Contact Toxicity test
OECD TG 247: Bumblebee, Acute Oral Toxicity test
Analytical Method Validation for determination of the active ingredient and impurities
Determination of the Partition Coefficient n-octanol/water
Physical Compatibility with other products
OECD TG 307: Aerobic-Anaerobic Transformation in soil
OECD TG 106: Adsorption-Desorption using a batch equilibrium method
OECD TG 121: Estimation of the Soil Adsorption Coefficient (Koc) using HPLC
OECD TG 308: Aerobic-Anaerobic Transformation in aquatic sediment systems
OECD TG 111: Hydrolysis as a function of pH
Analytical Method Validation/ILV for determination of residues
Residues in plants, plant products, foodstuffs, feedingstuffs and environmental samples
Analytical Method Validation for residues determination in matrices from ecotoxicological tests
Analytical profile of batches of technical materials and formulated products
Validation of the analytical method in the formulated product
Analytical method validation for determination of the active ingredient in technical materials
Determination of the Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) using E-test
Quantification of δ-endotoxins content
OECD TG 235: Chironomus sp., Acute Immobilization test
OECD TG 218: Sediment-water Chironomid toxicity test using spiked sediment
OECD TG 219: Sediment-water Chironomid toxicity test using spiked water
OECD TG 209: Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition Test (Carbon and Ammonium oxidation)
OECD TG 301-B: Ready Biodegradability - Carbon Dioxide Evolution Test