AgriBusiness Global published an article about Biotecnologie BT

Biotecnologie BT is seeing the rise in use and registrations of biopesticides globally (with hikes especially steep in Southeast Asia and China), and believes the movement will be beneficial for agriculture for an array of reasons. It encourages manufacturers entering this space to choose carefully, however, when selecting a CRO to see the long, and often complex testing and registration process through.

Microbial Pest Control Agents (including botanical extracts, insect sex pheramones, and other compounds naturally present in the environment) shouldn’t be underestimated.

Biotecnologie BT emphasizes the necessity to address the fate of the substances in the different environmental compartments (soil, water and air), to assess their availability to plants and animals and their potential for bioaccumulation in the organisms.

Risk assessment methodologies, already in use for chemicals, are not suitable to evaluate the safety and risk associated with the use of “living” applications.

Biotecnologie BT offers the complete range of suitable studies (from five batch to ecotox on pollinators) to successfully assemble a registration dossier for biopesticides.